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In order to ensure high quality standards and competitive prices, OUYA company manages every step of the metal component production, from the purchase of raw materials to the sheet metal pressing and surface finishing process.

Plastic Moulding
All plastic components for OUYA home sewage drainage traps and wastes are produced in the our own plant .
Electric and hydraulic injection moulding machines ensure high productive capacity, efficiency and safety.
Thanks to “ECO-FRIENDLY” technology and automatic processes, our operators step in during quality control only, in compliance with the current regulations.Also,more and more to reduced production costs and environmental impact.

Steel Processing
With the long term experience in metalworking, in 2010 OUYA decided to invest in this sector, inaugurating the department of blanking presses for processing stainless steel and brass.
Thanks to presses for molding and punching, we can produce internally all the elements which are necessary for the manufacturing of the finished product.
We carry out blanking, drawing, coining and stamping of metal components.
We can apply your logo on some parts by stamping or by means of laser marking we can also perform surface coating with PVD.
OUYA has an internal workshop for both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all equipment and the also the creation of small molds which are designed by our R&D department.

Product Packaging
All components needed to for the production of the Sewage waste kits are stored in our warehouses and pre-assembled according to specifications detailed in the customer's order. Drains, sink plugs and baskets are assembled by automatic packaging lines, whose high precision scales are set to aim at minimizing production rejects and errors.
OUYA has two types of packaging: a standard line and a customized line to fulfill your requirements: reels, labels and installation instructions can be created according to your needs.



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