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Our qualified staff, aided by the use of appropriate measuring equipment, follows the production process in every step, from the purchasing of raw materials to the finished product, constantly and carefully, ensuring that the quality standards required by customers and the market are met.
In an effort to ensure continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we are constantly committed to training our staff, planning our activities, in their implementation and in monitoring the results of the actions needed to constantly improve our performance.
OUYA company is ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified for the "Design and production of accessories for bathroom and sanitary fixtures and Molding for third parties" by SQS.

we built effective using life testing standards and processes,ensure longer using life of home sewage drainage related parts.  
1.100 hours CASS(Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray Testing) for stainless steel components.
2.Aging Test(100 DegreeX168h) for rubber components.
3.10 years drainage daily use test record.
1.Taizhou Ouya Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd warrants to the our distributors and customers 10 year warranty from the date of original purchase,except in the following condition: failures caused by abuse,misuse or natural disasters are not covered within warranty. 
2.Warranty services to customers are provided by our distributors in worldwide.
 New Innovation
1. Double Strainers design
2. ”U” and”S” style Pipe design
We insist on continuous innovation to meet with the most and best need from global customers.
Continuous Innovation to Extreme!



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